Get Wound Up About Your Wine!

Whether you enjoy indulging in rare wines or having a more modestly price glass of vino during the week, it’s true that a glass of wine can help people unwind or provide the perfect ending to a long day. And some research shows that drinking two glasses of wine a day could actually reduce your risk of early death by almost 20%! Just another incentive to pour yourself some fine red wine! Wine drinking has also become increasingly hip among the younger generation. From rosés, new Austrian and German varietals (at least in the United States), and the increase in those willing to be adventurous in taste, wine is taking off with millennials. Though rare wines can certainly be a treat, most look for a wine they can have regularly. So if you’re interested in becoming a wine drinker, what should you know? Read on below.

Don’t Whine About Your Wine 
Like most alcoholic beverages, wine is an acquired taste. Likely most people had their first experience with wine at church or from their parents’ glass and thought it tasted gross. However, if you still feel iffy about wine as an adult, chances are you just haven’t found the right wine yet. There are so many options these days — red wines, white wines, rosés, sweet, dry, the list goes on and on.

The United States tends to prefer red wine (almost 40% of wine lovers chose that) and white is the next most popular at just over 30%. You might just need to try an assortment of wines before hitting on one you like, and anyone who works in a wine store or even a vineyard, if you’re getting fancy, can likely assist you in finding a wine you like with a few questions. Friends and family might also be able to offer advice and suggest brands to try.

Why Do We Love Wine? 
Wine is a pretty ancient beverage, with its origins stemming from the Middle East around 6,000 years ago. Today, almost 950 million gallons of wine are drunk in the United States and sales reached almost $220 billion. And wine is only expected to grow in popularity — by 2020, wine retail sales are expected to go up by 11%.

Restaurants and bars love it because any kind of alcohol has a fairly high mark up price, so getting a liquor license can be a great way to boost profits. Depending on the kind of wine they serve, it can also serve as a specific draw — wine on tap, for example, or an unusual kind of wine might bring customers back again and again.

But for most of us, it’s something that makes us feel good. It tastes good, we feel good drinking it (and after!), and it’s usually associated with something pleasurable — self-care, a night out with friends, a night in with family, a date night, and so on. Vineyards provide a fun excuse for a weekend trip or special outing and some people love showing off their knowledge about wine, especially rare wines — it can be a fun hobby as well.

How Do I Broaden My Palate? 
As mentioned above, one of the best ways to start liking wine is to start drinking a few different types of wine. See what you gravitate towards. Do you prefer your wine sweet or a little drier? Do you not love the way tannins make your mouth feel or do you prefer something with a little effervescence? Knowing these things can help guide you as you search for a wine (or wines) you like.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help as well! Visiting vineyards is a great way to taste a bunch of different wines and get expert assistance on finding wines you like. Tasting rare wines if you get the chance can also show you the best of what the beverage has to offer.

Once you’ve found a wine you like, kick back and relax whenever you want with a glass. And who knows? You might become a bit of a wine expert yourself over time!

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