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  • Why Switching to a Plant-Based Diet is Important and Smart

    The world is getting more “woke”. Or, at least, we’re trying to be. With the advances in the digital age and the internet, information is more easily accessible than ever before. No longer do the ivory towers of academia decide who can access what information and as a result the masses are learning a lot […]

  • 7 Hacks and Tricks in the Making of Delicious Paletas

    Paletas are some of the most delicious frozen treats that can excite your palate and cool your body when it’s hot out. There are numerous varieties of paletas out there with different concoctions of ingredients and varying colors, tastes, and flavors. These frozen treats vary depending on the ingredients used and their mode of preparation. […]

  • How To Eat Healthy When Your Schedule Is Non-Stop

    Many Americans are interested in making a healthy change in their lives. Eating well can be a difficult shift to make, especially if you’re used to fast food and frozen meals, but it isn’t impossible; unfortunately, this already tough change can be muddled even further by a busy schedule. Between work, family life, and other […]

  • Get Wound Up About Your Wine!

    Whether you enjoy indulging in rare wines or having a more modestly price glass of vino during the week, it’s true that a glass of wine can help people unwind or provide the perfect ending to a long day. And some research shows that drinking two glasses of wine a day could actually reduce your […]

  • Experience The Taste Of Kentucky In These 3 Bourbon Cocktails

    Kentucky is known for a great many things — corn, horse racing, and bluegrass chief among them — but our personal favorite is a liquor that’ll be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next: bourbon. The Bluegrass State is responsible for around 95% of the world’s supply, and it shows when […]

  • Forget What You’ve Heard: 3 Reasons Peanuts Really Are Good For You

    As far back as ancient times, there has been speculation about the healthiness of food. Although we have the science to determine the nutrition facts of many foods today, there are still many foods that are controversial within the healthiness spectrum. For example, eggs are on a roller coaster of health, so to speak. One […]

  • Nut Allergies 101: What Are the Symptoms of a Nut Allergy?

    Peanuts and other nuts are among some of the most popular snacks in the world (and, yes, we know that peanuts are technically considered to be legumes). In fact, between 2008 and 2014, Americans consumed about 120 million pounds of peanut butter each year. However, peanuts and other nuts are also some of the most […]

  • Looking To Get The Greatest Value From Your Peanuts? Go Raw!

    The raw food movement has gained traction over the last few years among the health-conscious. After all, it makes sense that our bodies would benefit the most from eating certain foods exactly as they’re found in nature, with nothing added. But does the same concept apply to peanuts? Whether you regularly spread some peanut butter […]

  • Can Peanuts Help To Control Or Prevent Diabetes?

    There’s no doubt that the nutritional value of peanuts means that they’re an extraordinary addition to a person’s diet. They’re a high protein snack, of course, with seven grams of protein in each one-ounce serving. But did you know peanuts can even keep you from developing diabetes and help diabetics better manage their condition? Here […]

  • 3 Ways to Bring Fall Cooking to Your Grill

    Saying hello to the cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your backyard grill! Even though you may think that your grill is strictly for summer use, you can actually still use it all the way throughout the winter months. Now, just because you’re using your grill doesn’t mean you have to […]