Microgreens Are Valued For Their Appearance and Taste

Written by Fancy Foods on July 11, 2016. Posted in Adding microgreens to salads, Edible flowers for cake decorating, Micro herbs

Sugar flowers for cakes

A new trend in fine dining is the use of food accents like organic micro greens and edible flowers such as crystallized roses. As the best chefs have always known, the appearance of food is as important as the taste. Adding microgreens to salads or candied flowers to cakes and desserts gives them that special touch that sets them apart. Part of the fine dining experience is to enjoy food that has been prepared by someone else, with care and skill. Food accents add an intangible special touch to any meal, lifting it out of the realm of the ordinary.

Why does food presentation matter?
Why do people take pictures of their dinner plates and post them on their social media accounts? There are probably more food pictures on Facebook than there are cat pictures or nature pictu