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Being Competitive in the Ice Cream Business

Written by Fancy Foods on July 28, 2016. Posted in Cups for ice cream, Ice cream spoons, Shop supplies

Plastic ice cream cups

You have always dreamed of owning your own ice cream shop. You imagined the many different flavors of ice cream that you would offer and you even thought about the happy faces of all of the children that you would offer your ice cream too. The parents would be happy with the quality and the choices of your additional and alternative ice cream options, like healthier gelato choices. You opened your business and found that customers enjoyed your ice cream shop, that is, until a new ice cream shop is planning to open right down the street from yours. How can you remain successful when there is another ice cream shop that is threatening to take some of all of your business? The ice cream business can be competitive and can be a very volatile business that requires business sense and the appropriate ice cr

Microgreens Are Valued For Their Appearance and Taste

Written by Fancy Foods on July 11, 2016. Posted in Adding microgreens to salads, Edible flowers for cake decorating, Micro herbs

Sugar flowers for cakes

A new trend in fine dining is the use of food accents like organic micro greens and edible flowers such as crystallized roses. As the best chefs have always known, the appearance of food is as important as the taste. Adding microgreens to salads or candied flowers to cakes and desserts gives them that special touch that sets them apart. Part of the fine dining experience is to enjoy food that has been prepared by someone else, with care and skill. Food accents add an intangible special touch to any meal, lifting it out of the realm of the ordinary.

Why does food presentation matter?
Why do people take pictures of their dinner plates and post them on their social media accounts? There are probably more food pictures on Facebook than there are cat pictures or nature pictu

6 Components of Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pumps

Written by Fancy Foods on July 7, 2016. Posted in Uncategorized

Many people might not know the importance of pumps. They are a necessity in many industries and are even important in day to day activities. Removing liquids from drums is so much easier with pumping technology. Now we are able to pump, store, and transfer even the most dangerous of liquids.

The chemical industry benefits more from successful pumping because of the importance of what is being stored, pumped and transferred. The U.S. is the largest producer of chemical products in the world and the chemical value is approximately $770 billion. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that U.S. chemistry alone brings in a quarter of a billion dollars every year.

Diesel exhaust fluid pumps allow safe pumping, storage, and transfer of exhaust fluid, which is needed for many reasons.

There are six components of diesel exhaust fluid pumps:

  1. Electric Motor — These electric drum pump motors are used specifically for corrosive situations. They are able to transfer acidic liquids and alkalis. Each electric motor comes with speed control options along with multiple certifications and a thermal overload button. They also have a maximum discharge pressure of 32 PSI.
  2. Pneumatic Motor — Pneumatic motors can also be used in highly corrosive environments but were specifically engineered for use when heavily aggressive fumes are in the air. These motors are best suited to transfer combustible and flammable liquids.
  3. Flow Meter — Flow meters can be used across a wide range of applications: from stationary liquids to aggressive chemicals. They use a paddle wheel design and come in various sizes and materials. Kits for chemical drum pumps, permanent installation kits, and barb connection kits are all flow meter options.
  4. Hose — Diesel exhaust fluid pumps need high quality hoses for safe transfer. These hoses have been specifically engineered to safely and accurately transfer liquids of all kinds. The hoses are able to work in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Nozzle — Along with the hoses, the nozzles for these pumps have to be top of the line as well. They have to be able to safely dispense all liquids without any spills or issues. These nozzles have an automatic shutoff switch that will happen when the tank is reaching maximum capacity.
  6. Pump Tube — The tube itself can be used on anything from small drums to large tanks. Pumping corrosive liquids without error is important for safety as well as the importance of the product. These tubes can ensure safe and accreting pumping.