Ice Cream is a Favorite Comfort Food

Written by Fancy Foods on February 10, 2016. Posted in Frozen yogurt supply, Mini tasting spoons, Yogurt

Custom frozen yogurt cups

The origins of ice cream can be traced to the frozen desserts, sorbets, and gelatos enjoyed by the Chinese, the Persians, Mughals, and Venetians. But the modern version of ice cream, with sweetened, frozen dairy products is dated back reliably only to the eighteenth century. And it is in the U.S. that ice cream was promoted from being an occasional delicious treat, to the full-fledged status of “food”. Which is why every well equipped household in the country now has a freezer well stocked with ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt cups.

Who loves to eat ice cream?
Americans eat a lot of ice cream. We mean, a lot. Fully 90% of all U.S. households eat ice cream on a regular basis. And to meet this demand, about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other sweet, frozen