What You Should Do Before Divorce Mediation – Family Magazine


You are contemplating filing for divorce or you along with your partner have gotten to that point where it’s time to file to divorce, contemplate seeking the help of mediation services for divorce. They are mediation providers that couples usually reach out to for help when they’re not able to reach a conclusion about a certain issue. It might be regarding child custody issues or it may involve who will get what share of the house. The video below will help you understand how to prepare for divorce mediation to assure that it is conducted without a hitch.

You should write down everything you and your partner are arguing over. However big or tiny, be certain you write it all down. It will help you prepare to attend the meeting and your mediator. This helps speed up the process , and permit you to resolve your divorce fast.

This video will outline everything you have to know prior to divorce mediation.


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