Two Food Festivals for Food Lovers

Fancy food show 2013

Food lovers, if you like fancy foods, regional foods, or farm to table foods, then you have probably been to your local food festivals year after year. You are probably craving something new. The good news is, there are two food festivals this year that are worth taking a trip for. The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, and the Taste of Chicago are two great options if you want something new on your plate. Also, Chicago has a little something extra to offer. Here is what you can expect to find from both venues.

  • The Fancy Food Show 2013
  • This year the show will be in San Francisco, featuring more than 80,000 products that you can sample. Absolutely everything is being presented by about 1,300 exhibitors who represent only the fanciest of foods both nationally and internationally. The best part of this particular food show is that it happens twice a year. The Specialty Foods Association puts on both a winter and a summer Fancy Foods Show. If you want to try the trendiest new coffees, cheeses, snacks, spices, beverages, and snacks around, then San Francisco is the place to be this winter.

  • The Chicago Food Show
  • There are a few cities in the United States that are renowned for the quality of their dining and food culture, and Chicago is one of them. The Chicago food show, more commonly known as Taste of Chicago, is an outdoor food festival with music and other exciting activities. It has been held every summer since 1980, and it presents to the attendees the best of what Chicago has to offer.

    If you are looking for something even more eclectic from Chicago food shows, then consider the Food Truck Rally. If you have ever been in a metropolitan area then you know that food trucks are taking off as a popular format for experiencing quality cuisine. Food truck rallies and food truck rodeos bring all the best food trucks to one place for customers to enjoy.

If you would prefer to visit The Windy City, then one of the two Chicago food shows are a great choice, but the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco is another great choice for those preferring to head to the West Coast. Both are bound to introduce you to new flavors and products, and experiences to make any food lover feel full.

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