Tips For Finding Great Hummus Recipes

Salsa dip

Hummus is a word of Arabic origin that means “chickpeas.” The full Arabic name of the dip Americans know as “hummus” is “hummus bi tahini,” or “chickpeas with tahini.” Market research from 2010 showed that hummus consumption in the United States increased by 35 percent over 21 months, with sales of almost $300 million. Whether you are looking for classic mild salsa, guacamole brands, or hummus brands, you should find a provider of hummus dips that you can trust so that you can get the best possible hummus recipes.

Hummus recipes generally involve chickpeas. The chickpea was first cultivated around 7,000 years ago and was first brought to the Middle East by ancient Phoenicians. Many different types of hummus today include chickpeas. One tablespoon of prepared hummus contains approximately 25 calories and two grams of carbohydrates. A single serving of hummus also has one percent of the recommended amount of riboflavin, vitamin B6, and potassium.

No matter what particular kind of hummus recipes you require, you should look for recipes that come from a reliable source. These providers will offer you hummus that is healthy and also tastes great depending on the snacks that you want to eat with the hummus. There are many varieties of hummus available that are made with different types of flavors. Choose a style of hummus that is right for your palette as well as the snacks that you will be serving with the hummus so that you can enjoy this tasty snack your own way.

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