Three signs of a Healthier Fast Food Option

Fancy food names

An article in the Chicago Tribune on July 13 was not exactly breaking down walls when it revealed that just about everyone has a desire to take in a little fast food from time to time. What it did show was that the wealthy and ethnic minorities were listed as the most likely to find fancy fast food options. Those making under $25,000 a year were least likely to do so.

Is there such a thing as fancy fast food? Are there specialty foods in the fast food market that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle, while still presenting all of that amazing fast food flavor? Thankfully, one can learn how to spot healthier alternatives on a fast food menu, and they will not have to make a special trip to a fancy foods show to do it.

1. Look at the fried food. One of the biggest waistline expanding things in the world of fast food are the fried items. Chicken and french fries can taste great when friend, but are often quite unhealthy for you. Finding fast food restaurants that fry their french fries in peanut oil or some other kind of low fat alternative could be a great way to reduce the calories.

2. Is the meat natural? Meat that comes from animals that are fed additional hormones, steroids or genetically modified food could be something to watch out for. Numerous research has shown GMO foods to contain harmful chemicals in addition to being more fattening. Certain fancy food names like Chipotle pride themselves on not using meat that has been fed hormones.

3. Alternatives to soda pop? Sugary drinks can be horrible for the diet, which is why anyone that is interested in fancy fast food restaurants should look to see if they offer any alternatives. Unsweetened iced tea, water, plain milk and juice drinks can all be a much healthier alternative to sugary sodas.

Keeping things like this in mind will make it much easier for people to enjoy the foods they love without having to worry about all the adverse side effects. After all, just because the food is fast, does not mean that it has to be unhealthy.

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