The Basics of Legal Mediation – Community Legal Services

W. Mediation attorneys can handle divorce proceedings, negotiations with employers, talks among employees and other dispute. The following video will explain the basics of mediation and the outcomes you can anticipate from it.

The best way to settle disputes is on your own than bring your case to a jury judge. Mediation requires both the parties to agree on a solution. Yet, it’s less costly, more stress-inducing and potentially hazardous. It’s not the best option if one party doesn’t want to maintain the relationship.

Participants in a mediation (there may be at least two) will choose an independent mediator. The parties will be meeting in the same location. The mediator can make arrangements with them in regards to fees and confidentiality. The confidentiality clause will stay in effect if all parties in the agreement adhere to their ends of the bargain.

Mediator will emphasize the importance of finding an acceptable resolution. It is usually a situation in which neither party is 100% content. If you want to know more about mediation and its role in the legal system, watch the following video.


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