Synthetic vs Autologous Bone Graft; Whats the Difference? – J Search

It’s not just you. one. This video gives a quick description of the main differences between these two forms. If you’re scheduled to undergo oral surgery, make sure to learn about these two types of surgical grafting.

Bone grafting is used in dentistry for implants and tooth extraction operations. The procedure is usually required to make sure that the jaw is robust enough to carry on with further treatment. Both autologous and synthetic are two types of grafts used. What are synthetic bone-grafts? They’re basically made bones that serve as an alternative to your natural bones. Autologous grafts are natural bones supplied by donors. Even though they’re the standard for grafting, donors are limited and finding a good matching donor can be a challenge.

Synthetic bone grafts may be created today under clean, cleaned and sterilized environments. They’re protected by sealing to prevent spreading disease and bacteria. They also contain proteins found within humans. They are highly regarded by many surgeons. It is now clear what you should know about the autologous and synthetic bone grafts.


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