Solar Roofs – Fad or For Real? – Technology Magazine

While solar roofing isn’t recent, they have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. Tesla’s work in developing solar shingles has been a big factor in this. Yet however, solar roofing isn’t widely used. In this video we will explain what the reasons are.

The biggest challenge facing Tesla has been finding adequate skilled employees. A shortage of skilled workers on the general market is a major problem for them. Tesla was forced to cut back on some of the places where they first offer solar roofs. They have also had to reduce their cost. Customers who are interested in the service can use it to obtain a virtual cost estimate. The website did not take into consideration the complexity of roofs. Customers were therefore given low estimations. After price changes were implemented at a later date, many customers became left out. The customers also experienced price hikes that were 100%. The combination of this with high-cost labor makes these solar cells economically don’t have any sense. Similar results can be observed in other kinds of solar shingles available. These shingles may not be suitable for the majority of local roofers. Solar shingles are not cost-effective and labor costs are prohibitive. We are seeing genuine interest from potential clients. They could potentially be an engine in the future of green energy.


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