Legalese Explained Statutes vs. Rules – SCHUMM

Law enforcement. This video will provide some of the differences between both.

Congress is responsible for a complex lawmaking process. It is a lengthy process. US Constitution stipulates that three parties are required to be involved in the legislative process including the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are many “veto points” that can stop proposals in the process of becoming law.

Rulemaking is much simpler. It’s just a procedure that an agency can figure out on its own. If there is one person managing the company They decide the rules. The rule can be approved by multiple persons if they are running the agency. If a majority vote of members of the leadership team support the rule, then it passes.

There are specific procedures organizations have to follow that Congress does not. They’re regulated and have to communicate in advance about the things they’re working on. It is important for them to allow people to express their opinions on how the rules are a bad idea. They must also explain their choices. More details are available in the video.


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