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Advising on common junk removal mistakes to steer clear of.

There will be a need for a truck or van to handle trash removal. However, you must make sure you research your options. Your vehicle might also get damaged by debris from construction and furniture.

The majority of junk removal companies have plans to invest in one or two vehicles. This is not the thing you’d like to do. You shouldn’t purchase more cars that you’ll actually use. You won’t need more vehicles if you just started your business.

The second reason is there is no need to invest in another truck. Why pay upwards of $50,000 to buy a truck that is just going to be used for hauling junk? The same job done with a used truck that costs less than half of the cost.

The insurance policy is another thing you should consider. If your personal insurance doesn’t cover it. Instead, you’ll have obtain a corporate car insurance policy.

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