Is Ice or Heat Better for Your Back? – Bright Healthcare

Sometimes, it’s just a brief painful ache, or one that lasts. The back-sick can’t take on work, or carry out their normal lives due to the issue. This causes a lot of mental and physical pain. If you suffer from back pain it’s a matter of doing everything to alleviate it. Many opt to take ibuprofen or some muscle relaxants. Ice packs and heat packs are both popular remedies to treat back pain. They’re great to keep near in the case of a acute episode. What is the best method in all? The video below provides an overview of the effect of heat packs as well as the use of ice packs to treat back pain.

It is preventing blood flow in the region where you feel discomfort by applying an iceback. However heating packs can dilate blood vessels, or allow more blood flow. It is recommended that ice packs be utilized within the first 72 hours following the injuries. This time frame typically contains the inflammatory stage, which ice packs treat. The ideal is to not freeze longer than 20 minutes in a row. It is best to limit the use of heat to the final stages of inflammation.


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