How to Prepare for an Incoming Storm – Andre Blog

Find out more about both man-made and natural disasters across all over the globe. America has an extensive collection of satellites and meteorologists that work 24/7 to forecast the weather patterns. We’re aware of exactly what we can expect. If you’re in an area susceptible to extreme weather conditions, then you’re no stranger to storm preparation. But, if you’re not located in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes, chances are you haven’t had to deal with them. In this short video, we will explore the essentials and things you must keep in mind while preparing for an incoming hurricane.

The first step is to stay in close contact with other people. You can keep an eye for the latest news stories to find out whether your city’s government is making announcements about evacuations, or if warnings are recommended in your region. If you live within the path of severe weather, then it is possible to think about getting board-up solutions. It’s important to prepare your house for the worst , by securing your property from flying debris as well as breaking glass. Make sure you turn off your power supply and take out any unneeded devices.


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