How to Install Commercial Doors – Maine’s Finest

The job is carried out in phases. You should also ensure that the hardware for your door is fitted using the latest hardware as well as door schedules. Organization and preparation is crucial to obtaining those necessary modifications.

When everything is put in place to be inspected and transferred to the location for installation, it’s time to install the commercial doors. After you have the doors on the dollies, connect the door hinges and have your employees lift the doors into position. When the doors are placed, connect them to frames. Screw them in the frame. Just two screws need to be installed and then tightened in this stage. If you want to determine if your door requires trimming and if it opens correctly, make sure you check it opens correctly.

If trimming is required to make the door more secure, mark it with a pencil, take the panel off, and utilize a saw to trim the door. You can trim the door using a narrow portion at a time. It is important to examine it every so often. After making the hinges smaller, install the door. Ensure that all screws have been used on each hinge. r9ehaj5gfo.

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