How to Exterminate a Rat Infestation – The Wick Hut

Rats are out of control

Problem began when rats infested the vacant house and then spread into other homes nearby. Rats ate through various parts of the property and created a complete danger for those living inside.

Exterminators lay bait in order to understand the pattern of rats’ movements. A large infestation can be much easier to locate and efficient in the process of the process of poisoning. Pest control experts find evidence of rats in the attic and beneath kitchen equipment.

Once a rat has been caught, an exterminator is able to confirm his belief that there’s a significant amount of them living in the home. It was hungry and died inside its trap. Rats typically swat away the bait by wagging their tails.

Rat infestations can pose a grave threat to your property and, more importantly, your health. If you are concerned that there are rat activities call a professional pest control service. For more details, click on the link below.


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