How to Charge Golf Carts the Right Way – Andre Blog

How can you maintain your golf carts in good shape.

A general rule of the thumb, it is recommended to put your golf cart in whenever you’re not in use. Always charge your golf car even though it’s had a few holes. It has a processor that senses that the battery is fully charged, and it will switch off and stop charging.

If the battery is fully recharged and the charger stops, it will not reactivate as the battery’s life diminishes from standing. That means that if you’re not using your golf cart for a few weeks or months, remove the charger and plug it back in at least a couple of times, so that the battery is charged.

It is necessary to utilize a charger similar to jumping-starting a car in case your battery goes completely dead. This can be somewhat damaging If you don’t make sure that your golf cart’s battery remains charged will save you suffering.


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