How Knowing Food Safety Facts Keeps Us Healthier

Five second rule

Each year, three main types of germs, which are E. coli, Salmonella and norovirus, contribute to thousands of people getting ill and in some cases dying after coming in contact with these germs. This makes food safety facts of vital importance, since these germs largely come from the foods that we prepare and therefore have a lot to do with food preparation safety. According to a Journal of Applied Microbiology study, 20 percent to 30 percent of the world’s viruses are easily transferred from a person’s fingertip to a glass surface like the touch screen of a mobile device. This means food safety facts are important too.

Knowing food safety facts is helpful too since most of us do not always commonly adhere to food safety guidelines. For instance, many people subscribe to the five second rule of picking up food off the floor within five seconds and then eating it (incidentally, women are more likely to subscribe to this rule, which ignores food safety and sanitation, than men). Others simply ignore food safety solutions and instead keep their fingers crossed that they will be safe after eating foods like meat that is handled improperly, which could lead to botulism, which is the Latin term for sausage. Food handling safety is one component of food safety facts, but these facts additionally include dogs’ saliva and how it has been known to carry with it antibacterial properties to ward off wounds. It helps protect against Streptococcus canis and E. coli.

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