Four Delicious Foods Offered by the Best Corporate Events Catering Services

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One of the biggest challenges for any business is finding ways to make and keep their employees happy. Consider, according to Forbes, happy workers are 37% more productive than their grumpy coworkers. They’re also much less likely to quit. You’ve undoubtedly heard a ton of advice on how to keep your employees happy. Holding employee getaways and offering employee of the month programs are two of the most commonly recommended bits of advice, but what if someone were to tell you that offering high quality food through a corporate events catering team might be all you need?

Consider Google, one of the most popular and successful businesses in the world: According to KissMetrics, the tech giant gets 2.5 million applications every single year, or just about five every minute of the day. One of the reasons Google attracts so many prospects is because of their incredible perks package. Statistics from Business Insider show that the company spends $72 million a year just to give their employees free food as a benefit; that’s over $7,500 per employee.

Like Google, your business can improve the happiness of your own employees by offering food as a perk. However, by using the best corporate catering services around, it won’t cost you millions. The best corporate catering solutions can offer you these great foods on a sensible budget and help you show your employees you care.

Fresh and Healthy Green Salads
Green salads are one of the healthiest choices offered by corporate events catering services. Not only are they delicious and simple to make, they’re also a great source of energy and brain boosting nutrients. Take, for example, Vitamin C: according to, women who regularly eat salads are 165% more likely to get the recommended amount of Vitamin C, a key vitamin for fighting off illness. Of course, less illness means more time spent at work.

A Delicious, Easy-to-Eat Selection of Wraps and Sandwiches
Would you be surprised to learn that sandwiches are eaten all across the world? In the States, we have grilled cheese and the ever-delicious reuben. As The Guardian writes, however, many other countries have their own versions of this classic food. For instance, Vietnam has the bahn mi, and Portugal has the francesinha. Corporate catering services offer different takes on the sandwich from around the world.

Conveniently Packaged Boxed Lunches
If you’re worried about the price of a catered event, consider ordering a selection of boxed lunches. Since your caterers will simply prepare the meal before dropping it off at your work place, no wait-staff or onsite chefs are needed, meaning you can get the high quality food of a catering service without paying for a fully catered event.

Hot Buffet Lines Featuring Everything Your Employees Could Want
According to the National Chicken Council, Americans consume 100 million pounds of chicken every Super Bowl Sunday. Clearly, Americans love their chicken. The best catering services offer fried chicken and baked chicken along with a selection of other popular, nostalgic foods on hot buffet lines, helping you make your workers happy.

As you can see, corporate events catering teams can offer amazing food to your employees. If you’re tired of all the groaning and moaning in your office, why not go the way of Google and offer great food to inspire your team? Get more on this here.

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