Explaining Electronic Trailer Sway Control – E-BREAKING NEWS

so you can understand how trailers sway as well as how to control it. Let’s find out more!

There are two types of systems for sway-prevention and one of them is used for recovery. The first is one that works with the tow car, namely the towcar-based Trailer Stability Control (TSC) The second one, the Trailer-based Trailer Stability Control, operates on the trailer.

If the TSC detects that the trailer is moving towards it, it triggers an audible sound from the tow vehicle. It can then be used to stop the TSC. The tow vehicle will be equipped with several sensors in place to detect the presence of any odd movement, and then send an alarm to initiate controlling it. This proactive movement is going to start slowly, but it’ll increase depending on the needs. Also, the vehicle towing will gradually slow its wheels. This technology is much better than any driver can hope to be.

The second method of control is identical, the sensors are mounted onto the truck. It is also started in the way same because the sensors are able to detect movement and begin to work towards regulating it.

The rest of the video to find more specifics about electronic control of trailer sway.


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