delcious guacamole recipes

What is guacamole

Whether preparing some delicious appetizers for some arriving house guests, or making up some delicious burritos for dinner, classic guacamole recipes that I find on the internet help me to come up with different flavors of guacamole that help accent every meal in a different way. For instance, when preparing some chips and dip for an evening gathering at the homestead, I try and use a spicy guacamole dip that I know my guests with a penchant for hot foods will absolutely love. But when making burritos for the family, I do not want junior to burn his mouth on hot jalapeno peppers, so I use mild recipes with guacamole. The classic guacamole recipes I find on the internet cover a variety of styles and levels of heat, all the while delivering that delicious guacamole taste. And not only do classic guacamole recipes deliver amazing taste, but guacamole nutrition levels are much higher than that of many other foods. Guacamole’s main ingredients include avocados, spicy peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro, so there is no need to break out the calculator to figure out the amount of guacamole calories. When it comes to delicious and nutritious food, fresh guacamole dips are at the top of the list. So if you are contemplating something fresh and exciting to make for dinner or as an appetizer for a party, check out some of the classic guacamole recipes online and spice up that next food arrangement.

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