Comparing Web Design and Web Development – Whart Design

What fields do they compare to. This video by UI design Jesse Showalter helps to break down the differences between these two different roles.

Web designers plan the layout and design of websites. Every detail of a site starting from fonts to the colorsis decided by the designer. The designer designs a layout and then codes the website so that it can be brought to life. While designers frequently create websites from scratch, they also modify existing websites.

Web developers can also design websites, however their primary job is managing these sites. Some developers focus only on the front-end portion of the site, which is the area that site visitors are able to see. Certain developers concentrate more on the back end of the website, which includes the code and structure along with accessibility points.

Both careers are lucrative and provide a wide range of possibilities. They are excellent options for those who are interested in IT jobs. The jobs listed here will enable you to learn more about the workings of web sites, regardless of whether you end up as a designer or a developer.


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