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And how do you test it? Keep reading to discover more.

HCG is a hormone found in the body , which is a reference to human gonadotropin or chorionic. HCG can only be produced in pregnancy. It isn’t produced under other conditions.

Two methods are available for detecting HCG levels: a blood test and a urine test. Urine tests are used to measure your HCG levels by purchasing an over-the drug pregnancy test at home.

A majority of the tests for pregnancy available on the market will detect HCG with enough levels that you’ll see it around the time of a missed period or several days following. Depending on which test you decide to take, it may be detected.

The blood test may also be used to determine the extent to which HCG has been detected in a earlier time than absent periods.

HCG levels can increase quickly during an normal pregnancy. It is possible to double them every 48-72 hours. If you or your doctor are concerned about your pregnancy, it is possible to do a an HCG blood test HCG every 2 to 3 days to check if the levels are increasing normally.

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