3 Top food shows you should attend

Specialty foods

The restaurant and food industry is probably one of the industries where business owners, the public, food enthusiasts converge to celebrate and share what they have to offer in the industry. Aside from food, wine and other beverages are also part of the celebration. If you are interested in fancy foods, from fancy fast foods to specialty foods, you should try to join and be a part of fancy food shows. Whether you merely love food or a restaurant owner, you will definitely learn and enjoy from these fancy fast food shows. So to give you the basic information about fancy fast food shows and where you can catch them, here are three most celebrated and much awaited fancy fast food shows today.

First is the Chicago food show. The Chicago food show is a national food show by the National Restaurant Association or NRA. Chicago hosts the show for 63 years now. The city was chosen by the NRA because according to its president it is only fitting that the food show should be held in a city that embodies the creativity, dynamism and largeness of the food industry. Chicago is the right city being a world class destination with different types of restaurants. It is also rich in culture, just like the food industry. The Chicago food show is well attended and has thousands of exhibitors so you can find the best fancy fast food exhibits. You can also find fancy fast food exhibit from across the country. Each state is represented by their own fancy fast food exhibitors. At the same time, there are also exhibitors from more than 100 countries so you can also fancy fast food exhibits from across the globe.

Aside from the Chicago food show, you can also catch fancy fast food exhibits from the Specialty Food Association Fancy Food Show 2013. The Fancy foods Shows started in 1955 and is considered the largest specialty food and beverage exhibit in North America. Since the first time it was held attendees and exhibitors have grown tremendously. Today, around 40,000 attend the show. When it comes to what you will see from the show, you can expect 260,000 specialty food products from across the country and from more than 80 nations across the globe. Exhibitors are all members of Specialty Food Association. Members of the association include restaurateurs, retailers and distributors.

There are two Specialty Food Association Fancy Food Shows, the Summer Fancy Food Show and the Winter Fancy Food Show. For this year, the Summer Fancy Food Show will be held in New York City from June 30 to July 2. The show will have the Sofi awards, educational seminars, cooking demons and other activities. The Winter Fancy Food Show will be held in San Francisco from January 19 to January 201, 2014. The show will have important business related activities aside from the exhibits.

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