3 Benefits of a Buffet

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My in laws like to get together randomly every once in awhile and sit down to a buffet lunch. They like it so much we almost have a wedding brunch buffet after we got married. In any case about twice a month they like to gather together for a Sunday brunch buffet. Buffets are such a versatile gathering spot. It can be casual like a family check in, fancy as in romantic wedding places or right in between like at a golf expo. There’s so many different kinds of foods and atmosphere that can come from a buffet. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a Sunday brunch buffet.

  1. Family Friendly
    Any big family that is getting together, whether is be for a wedding, a party or no reason at all, is going to have kids. Bringing kids to a restaurant or to any setting where they need to sit and be quiet is a very difficult task. If your a parents and someone invites you to a gathering, the first thing you think of is ‘to take the kids or get a babysitter?’ Well, the great thing about a Sunday brunch buffet is even though it’s supposed to be a very nice setting, people are always walking around, back and forth to get food and it’s not usually a quiet environment which makes it perfect for antsy children. If they need to get up and take a walk around the restaurant, you can just grab a plate and get some more food while you’re at it. Or if they just won’t be quiet, it’s probably not that big of a deal because no one is being quiet.

  2. Food Variety
    One of the main problems about gathering a lot of people together is that everyone has different tastes. So, if you decide what they are going to eat, not everyone is going to enjoy it. For example, if you are at a wedding and they are serving salmon with kale salad, that sounds fancy and all, but what if you don’t like salmon or kale? Your kind of stuck and it’s rude to deny the food, right? But at a Sunday brunch buffet, everyone gets to pick whatever they want. Also, people eat different amounts. Some people eat like birds, others like elephants. At a buffet, people can suit their fancy in every way. It’s a great way to make sure that everyone is happy with what they are eating and how much of it they can have. No one goes home hungry or unsatisfied.

  3. No Personal Cooking
    When you host a buffet, you usually are not the one doing the cooking, unless you are incredibly motivated and don’t actually want to attend the gathering, But, for the most part, a buffet would either be catered, like at a wedding or already a set design like at a buffet restaurant. Generally there are cooks that are constantly cooking up fresh food to replace the plates when they are empty. Having someone else do the cooking is always a great idea that involves very little work. Having a stress free Sunday brunch buffet is a much better idea than the alternative. Generally, if a buffet is catered or attended, that means that someone else is also doing the set up and clean up so as the host, you can literally go, eat and leave just like any of the other guests. Of course, there may be a little supervisor skill needed to make sure everything is running smoothly but for the most part, you get to enjoy the party just as much as anyone else.

There’s only a few downsides to eating at a buffet:

  • Some people might be uncomfortable with the idea of food sitting out.
  • Kids have access to whatever they feel like getting their hands on.
  • There is a possibility that people will pick up the food with their hands and decide they don’t want it and put it back.

However, other than these small points, the idea of a buffet can be very appealing and a very simple way to make mostly everyone happy, if that is your goal. Getting everyone together can be difficult in the first place so you want to make sure that the setting is perfect.

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