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This includes providing advance notification of the construction by implementing measures to lessen dust and noise, and making sure that the site is kept clean.

When you need your neighbor’s support in construction and renovation projects Communication is essential. You should inform them about the status of the project, and address any concerns. It will help ease the stress by providing them with details to contact them in the event of any problems in the course of the project.

Another aspect you should consider in assessing your neighbors is to be aware of their hours of operation. It is important to avoid noisy work at busy times and informing your neighbors of any prolonged hours may assist in keeping disruptions to the routine of their lives.

It’s also a good suggestion to provide your neighbors with a schedule of the project to allow them to prepare and organize. This could involve arranging the parking space or access to space shared by neighbors.

12. Utilize sustainable materials

Every construction or renovation project should include sustainable material. It means using sustainable products that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and create a minimum impact on the environment. For instance, hardwood flooring, bamboo, reclaimed wood and high VOC paint.

Making use of environmentally friendly materials could contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your building or renovation. Insulation that is low-emitting and appliances that are energy efficient are two examples of ways to cut down on your energy use.

One advantage of making use of environmentally friendly materials instead of traditional materials is their endurance and longevity. This may help you cut costs in the long term on repair and replacements.

In the end, sustainable materials could increase your home’s value. Most home buyers want homes that are environmentally friendly as well as using environmentally friendly materials makes your home attractive for potential buyers.


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