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Let Your Tongue Lead You Through A Culinary Cornucopia

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Fancy food show 2013

The Chicago food show is one of the biggest, boldest, and brazen events for the restaurant and culinary industries throughout the year. Scheduled to stay in the Windy City up until 2021, this type of show features fancy foods and specialty foods as well as up and coming restaurant concepts and ideas which melds together and creates one of the biggest fancy foods shows in the world. To think about how many specialty foods are on display, sampled, and offered is mind boggling. In truth, there are many shows like the Chicago Food Show that feature specialty foods from all around the country and the world.

The first step to finding a specialty foods show is to think simple first. Check out your local listings for a summer fancy food show and the results you find might be surprising. From small towns to city wide festivals, specialty foods are coming out of the woodwork to add spice, flavor, and artistic additions to traditional cuisine. The good news is that you can find a specialty foods show in your area and reduce travel time to find great dishes combined with unique flavors and bizarre twists to make magnificent edible creations. Start researching local options for a fancy food show 2013 or just start asking around town. One suggestion would be to talk with specialty foods shop owners and workers to learn about upcoming exhibits they are attending and giving yourself some smaller shows to attend that feature specialty foods you have come to know and love.

The other suggestion would be to plan a weekend to one of the more renowned specialty food shows that you can make a mini vacation around. Start searching major metropolitan areas near you to get an idea of food expositions and specialty food events that you can go and enjoy the food, music, entertainment, and an otherwise unfamiliar place. Take an adventure through the culinary maze of a big city festival and give yourself a chance to get lost in the specialty foods that you discover. The most popular shows are likely to be quite crowded so it might be a good idea to start looking around now to give yourself enough time to plan ahead and check out hotels, rental cars, and maybe plane tickets if you anticipate going somewhere that requires traveling some distance.

Bottleless Water Coolers

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Filtered water cooler

The earliest water coolers used large blocks of ice to cool the water, but the amount of maintenance and work those took to manage made them cumbersome. Water coolers have evolved substantially since then, with new methods of cooling and heating, the use of bottled water, and the innovation of bottleless water coolers. Bottleless water coolers are connected directly to the building’s water supply, and the water is filtered, heated, and chilled before use. The advantages of these types of water coolers are numerous. These bottleless water dispensers allow businesses to maintain a more sanitary point of use water cooler, as well as reduce their overhead and workload with the absence of hefty water bottles. Bottleless water coolers do not allow for bacteria to grow, as water fountains and bottled water coolers do. These filtered water coolers can save up to eighty percent when they are compared to bottled water options. These coolers are also a good alternative for government organizations in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Cook County in Chicago, where the government funds cannot be used for bottled water purchases. Continue reading here:

Rediscovering Your Own Home Town

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Things to do in queen creek

Have you ever wished you could enjoy the feeling of exploring like a tourist, except in your home town? This feeling can be enjoyed anywhere, but Queen Creek AZ residents have a special opportunity to discover new things to do in queen creek.
The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center is an especially exciting destination, with a varied calendar of performances like the Anything Goes Broadway Review and Gala, as well as live music series, all on the campus of Queen Creek High School.

There are other destinations of course, like Queen Creek marketplace, the Queen Creek Olive Mill and the many restaurants in queen creek az. But the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center is a great place to start, hosting a family theater series, and even a community theater program for which anyone can audition. The Queen creek performing arts center is a cultural hub in this community. And of course, it’s just another example of the wonderful chance Queen Creek AZ residents have to find a whole new world in the familiarity of their hometown.